Higher Deductibles Save Money on Your Automobile Insurance - 

A $1000 collision deductible make sense on your automobile insurance; submitting an at fault claim under $1,000 is not advisable. The way the Massachusetts Safe Driver Insurance Plan is set up you can be assessed a surcharge of up to $300.00 in addition to losing your good driver credit. You must maintain a clean record for 6 years before you are eligible to receive the good driver credit. The surcharge declines a small amount as you work your way to a clean record. In the end it costs a lot more. If you are not at fault and can identify the other party your deductible will not apply.

Accident Forgiveness -

Good drivers can have an accident. With Merit Rating Points/Accident Forgiveness the additional premium surcharge associated with a single at-fault accident is forgiven. You must have a clean driving record for the past 6 years to purchase this coverage. Although the surcharge is forgiven you will still lose your good driver credit.

Coverage Limits -

We recommend that everyone carry the following limits:

• Optional Bodily Injury limits, $250,000/$500,000

• Under/uninsured Motorist limits, $250,000/$500,000

• Property Damage limit, $250,000

• Medical Payments limit, $25,000

Depending on the age and value of your vehicles you may or may not want to purchase collision coverage. Everyone should have comprehensive coverage; it provides glass coverage and will replace your windshield at no cost as the deductible does not apply.

If you are a good driver it costs very little to increase your coverage. In some cases companies offer a credit for a policyholder who purchases higher limits.

Extended Coverage Endorsement -

Broadens some coverage included on your current policy; offers additional coverage. Roadside Assistance, Additional Substitute Transportation, Additional Replacement Cost Coverage for New Vehicles, Mechanical Parts Replacement Cost, Accidental Discharge of Air Bag, Disappearing Collision Deductible, Emergency Travel Expense & Pet Coverage.

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